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support2Aircraft/Component Servicing and Support

Do you have a Bell 47 aircraftt, assembly, or component that needs servicing or overhaul? If so, either contact your local Scott’s Bell 47 Customer Service Facility, or try Scott’s Helicopter Services at 780 S Elmwood Ave, Le Sueur, MN 56058, 507-665-4064,

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Technical Publications

Contact SB47 if you need any of the many technical publications for the Bell 47!!

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Available Documents

Paper and electronic copies of the technical publications may be obtained by contacting contacting SB47. Pricing is as follows:


To obtain full electronic maintenance and regulatory libraries for your Bell 47, or for the entire Bell 47 fleet, contact ATP©


MOdels 47D-1, 47G & 47G-2 Models 47G-2A & 47G-2A-1 Model 47G-3 Models 47G-3B & 47G-3B-1 Model 47G-3B-2 Model 47G-3B-2A Models 47G-4 & 47G-4A Model 47G-5 Model 47G-5A Model 47H-1 Model 47J Models 47J-2 & 47J-2A

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Customer Service Facilities

• Company Name: Big Valley Aviation, Inc.big valley
Address: 7535 S. Lindbergh St., Stockton, California 95206 USA
Contact Emails:;
Airport: Stockton Metro Airport
Phone: 209.982.4991
Fax: 209.982.4311


• Company Name: Rotor Blades Limited
Address: Unit 5B, Roman Way Crusader Park, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 8BT UK
Airport: Thruxton Airfield
Phone: 44.1985.847040
Fax: 44.1985.846356


• Company Name: Rotor-Tech Internationalroto tech
Address: 902 E. Scotts Ave., Stockton, California 95203 USA
Contact Emails:
Phone: 209.546.0380
Fax: 209.546.0383


• Company Name: Rotorcraft Support, Inc.rotocraft
Address: 16425 Hart Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA
Airport: Van Nuys Airport
Phone: 818.997.7667
Fax: 818.997.1513

• Company Name: Scotts Helicopter Services, Inc.scotts
Address: 780 South Elmwood Ave, Le Sueur, MN 56058 USA
Contact Emails:
Airport: Le Sueur Municipal
Phone: 507.665.4064
Fax: 507.665.3680


• Company Name: SHM Swiss Helicopter Maintenance, AG
Address: Muri Street, 114 A, Belp, Switzerland3123
Airport: Bern Airport
Phone: 41.31.818.88.22
Fax: 41.31.818.88.39


• Company Name: Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd. dba Sikorsky Helitech
Address: 777 Macarthur Avenue Central, Pinkenba, Queensland Australia 4008
Contact Emails:
Phone: 61 7 3632 7000
Fax: 61 7 3260 1616


• Company Name: Sterling Helicoptersterling
Address: 1226 River Road, Croydon Pennsylvania19021 USA
Airport: PS01 Sterling Heliport
Phone: 215.271.2510
Fax: 215.788.7319


• Company Name: VIH Aerospace Inc
Address: 1962 Canso Rd, North Saanich, British Columbia V8L 5V5 Canada
Contact Emails:
Airport: Victoria Intl Airport
Phone: (250) 656-3987
Fax: (250) 655-6861


• Company Name: Helicopter Specialties, Inc.helicopter specialities
Address: 4746 S. Columbia Dr. , Janesville, Wisconsin 53546 USA
Airport: Southern WI Regional Airport
Phone: 608.758.1701
Fax: 608.758.2599


• Company Name: Uniflight, LLC.uni
Address: 2617 Aviation Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Airport: Grand Prairie Municipal Airport
Phone: 972.623.3444
Fax: 972.623.2414


• Company Name: Hawker Pacific Helicopter Serviceshawker
Address: 2200 Hangar 275 Rearwin Place N.S.W. Australia
Airport: Bankstown Airport
Phone: 61.2.9708.8558
Fax: 61.2.9708.8795

• Company Name: Helicopter Services (RI)
Address: 570 Airport Rd, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-2461 USA
Airport: T. F. Green State Airport
Phone: 401.739.0363
Fax: 401.738.0009

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